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My work explores the relationship between memory and materiality through textiles and digital print.

Memory is traditionally conceived as a discrete phenomenon; however, emerging theories of thought describe the nature of memory as transmutable and flowing. Inspired by memory as a fluid process, my work playfully explores a re-membering of the experiences of chronic illness and PTSD.

Trauma pathologises time - flashbacks snatch you into the past, ruminations keep you there.  ‘Sick-time,’ as described by Alice Hattrick in her book Ill Feelings, ‘is not linear-time. It is circular. It lapses and relapses, it drags, loops and buffers’. Pacing slows time down, bed-rest halts it. I am looking for a vocabulary to describe my experience of being ill - an alternative vocabulary to the capitalist, patriarchal and colonial description of sickness, a language that enacts a caring, and compassionate temporal framework.

To retrieve memories, I scan childhood objects and photographs. I bounce the images back and forth between digital and analogue processes. To reorganise and rewrite the memories, I layer and weave the manipulated scans, using methods such as sewing and bookbinding.  The process is recursive, images are printed, scanned and reprinted - memories, prints and textiles re-collected.